Who We Are
Who We Are
We are an instrumentation company with 10 years experience focusing on process instruments including pressure, temperature, flow, and level
What We Do 2
What We Do
We assure Our products are of the highest quality.
What We Do 3
Our Partners
We provide many types of process instruments with various partners and brands. You have any unique product requirements? We are able to fulfill your needs.
What We Do 4
What We Do
We are able to calibrate the product and create a test report, as you need.
 your needs

We focus on giving personal and professional assistance to make sure you receive the best and
unique products information, in a fast response, to provide better and easier buying decision.

ready stock

Ready Stock

Tanyakan kami mengenai ketersediaan barang

fast response

Fast Response

Maksimum 24 jam

one stop solution

One Stop Solution

Menyediakan berbagai produk dalam berbagai macam brand



Kami mampu memenuhi kebutuhan unik industri Anda


Original Guarantee

Kami hanya menjual produk terbaik dan menjamin orisinalitas produk

Momentous Founded
By professional team of business owner and engineers in Singapore.
Moved Our Business Operation to Jakarta
We want to be a part of Our clients success story and the industry revolution in Indonesia.
Our Vision
To be A world class instrumentation company by providing uniqueness in products and knowledge
Singapore, 2007
Jakarta, 2010