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GLS Series is a premium capsule gauge designed for use in low pressure measurement on extreme corrosive and severe environment. 

GPD-800 Series is Techcroft best digital pressure gauge with a stainless steel case and selectable engineering units. it is the great solution for precise and quick on site reading of pressure value that apply in various applications and industries.

GPS is an ANSI standard 4.5” safety pressure gauge for extreme corrosive and severe environment with Safety pattern design (Solid front/Battle front) and stainless steel wetted part. 

GSB Series is a special design with stainless steel case and copper alloy wetted part and fillable option for extreme vibration application and non-corrosive ambient field condition, with bayonet lock case design. Applicable for pneumatic and hydraulic systems, compressors, engines, pumps, sprinkles system, building automation system and processing unit...

GSS Series is a premium design pressure gauge with fully stainless steel construction, liquid fillable and with various option used in extreme corrosive & severe environment. 

GSX Series is a premium 8” or 10” design pressure gauge for extreme corrosive and non-corrosive environment, with DIN case and fully stainless steel construction. 

HTC Series is a gas expansion thermometer, with all stainless steel construction and wetted part. With high temperature measurement up to 650?C, suitable for corrosive environment.

Design according to EN 13190, Hermetically sealed case bezel design, Accuracy Class 1.6, Quick response, high stability and accuracy, Adjustment knob at glass for setting point, All stainless steel material construction, In-field application with IP45 protection, Temperature range up to 600?C (1100?F)

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