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GE Series us a superior design pressure gauge with contact, fillable with electrical oil to deal with severe pulsation and vibration.

The UE 120 Series explosion-proof vacuum and pressure switches are approved for Class I and II, Div. 1 & 2 explosive and corrosive atmospheres. Available in a choice of sensors, ranges, switch configurations, process connections, and electrical ratings; the 120 Series is an ideal choice for the most demanding applications in chemicals, refining, oil...

SX series is a premium design pressure gauge for extermely corrosive and non-corrosive environment. Product with solid front case and fully stainless steel construction.

Replace your outdated analog gages with the new Series DPG Digital Pressure Gage. The Series DPG has a high ±0.25% or ±0.5% full scale accuracy. The 4 digit digital display will reduce the potential for errors in readings by eliminating parallax error commonly produced with analog gages.

SC series is special designed with stainless steel case for extremely vibration application an non corrosive ambient field condition

CX series srandard gauge is a quality dry gauge designed to provide reliable service on non-corrosive application

CS series an expansion model from CX series which the optional added with electric silver chrome-plated design

This is a gauge for exclusive use exposed to vibration. Its interior is filled with liquid, preventing vibration of moving part and wear of interior linkage mechanism, and making maintenace work easier.

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