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Accuracy Class 1.6, *Class 1.0, Quick response and high accuracy, External micro adjustment device, All stainless steel material, Hermetically sealed case structure, Temperature range up to 600?C (1100?F), Bowl cuppied dial for easier reading, Sliding connection standard, Standard dial dual unit ranges (?F & ?C), Sensor length up to 600 mm, Sensor...

The Ashcroft® EI bimetallic thermometer provides high quality and performance. An ideal choice for accurate temperature measurement.

REOTEMP’s Bimetal Thermometers are reliable and accurate temperature sensors requiring no electricity or wiring. Back Connect Thermometers are ideal for local, eye-level temperature readings in most process applications. They can be recalibrated with a turn of the calibration screw on the back of the dial. A variety of options are available for your...

THC and RT Series are industrial assemblies supplied with or without a temperature transmitter. A wide range of elements, connection heads, insertion lengths, neck lengths, and process connections can be individually selected for the appropriate applications. Thermocouples and RTD in this series can be inserted directly into a process or combined with a...

These hygrometers are filled with a blue spirit filling and have a fixed handle designed to be rotated, by hand, to provide adequate and consistent ventilation of the bulbs. It is supplied complete in a protective canvas.

Design according to EN 13190, Hermetically sealed case bezel design, Accuracy Class 1.6, Quick response, high stability and accuracy, Adjustment knob at glass for setting point, All stainless steel material construction, In-field application with IP45 protection, Temperature range up to 600?C (1100?F)

Application Body Length (mm) Body Width (mm) Accuracy class Temperature range Well max. pressure rating Design Wetted parts Case material Connection Indication glass shape Mounting type

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