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Measuring range: Rotate:0.5~19999RPM
Linear: 0.05~19999.9m/min
Linear Rolling Speed Resolution: 0.01m/min(0.05~99.99m/min)
0.1m/min(over 100m/min)
1ft/min(over 100ft/min)
Rotating speed resolution: 0.1RPM(2.5~999.9RPM),1RPM(Over 1000RPM)
Sampling time: 0.8 sec(over 60RPM)
Accuracy: (0.05%+1 digits)
Range selection: auto
Power: 3*1.5V AAA batteries
Max/min measuring:support
Data storage:support
Memories clear: support
Battery indication:support
Products Net Weight: 132g
Products Size: 155*55*35mm

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For professionals who rely on accurate temperature readings to do their jobs, the AR330 Infrared Thermometer offers best-in-class accuracy of surface temperature readings in less than a second. Designed with single point laser sighting, this rugged, compact thermometer takes accurate readings from up to six feet away.

*Temperature range: -50~550º C (-58~1022º F) *Non contact Infarared thermometer make measurement easily without touching the target surface. *Display in Celsius or Fahreneit *Average, Difference, Max and Min reading *High/Low temperature alarm setup *Emissivity adjustable (0.10 to 1.00)

Low temperature products based on the principle of infrared sensing and optical. Infrared thermometer can measure the surface temperature of objects from a distance. 

High temperature products, bigger temperatue range, faster response time,further measuring distance compared with industry thermometer.

Models ST 672 are Gun-Type infrared thermometers, which are extended from the past experiences of Hight Performance series.