Digital Pressure Gauge DWYER DPGA

The SERIES DPGA is the only economic digital pressure gage with selectable engineering units on the market. With its 1% accuracy and digital push-button zero, the DPGA is the perfect choice for digitally monitoring the pressures of air and compatible gases.


  • Push-button zero reduce installation and service time
  • High accuracy provides exceptional measurement for minimizing costly out of specification conditions
  • Selectable unit button provides reading in easily recognizable units
  • Well-suited gage for compatible gas (DPGA) or liquid (DPGW) applications specifying simple operation and accuracy

Additional information


Dial Size

66mm (2.62")

Process Connection Size


Operating ambient temperature

-1 to 49 Deg.C

Operating medium temperature

-1 to 49 Deg.C

Case Material

Accuracy Class


Connection Locator


Wetted Material

Stainless Steel 316

Pressure units

Psi, Bar, Kg/cm2, Kpa, etc

Voltage power supply

9 Volt Alkalines batteries

Digital Pressure Gauge DWYER DPGA


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