The UPS II Loop Calibrator is an advanced handheld process calibrator tools. It can power ( 24 VDC ) and read 2-wire transmitter to perform field calibrations. Output currens are adjustable to a resolution of 10 microamps in both source and transmitter simulation.

Features :

  • Source and reads milliamps
  • 24 Volt internal loop-power
  • Powers and reads two-wire transmitters
  • Reads and simulates dp-transmitters
  • Fixed calibration currents
  • Auto-stepping for handsfree calibration
  • Auto-ramp cycling for endurance tests
  • Fixed currents for valve stroking

Additional information



Milliamps Smart Loop Calibrato

Case Material

Accuracy Class


Input range

0 to 21 mA

Output range

0 to 21 mA

Voltage power supply

4 x 1.5V AA batteries

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