Pressure Gauge NAGANO GV Series

This is a gauge for exclusive use exposed to vibration. Its interior is filled with liquid, preventing vibration of moving part and wear of interior linkage mechanism, and making maintenace work easier.


Pressure Gauge merupakan alat ukur tekanan dengan referensi 0 terhadap tekanan ruang. Sementara absolute pressure menggunakan referensi 0 terhadap tekanan vakum, sehingga nilai tekanannya sama dengan tekanan gauge ditambah tekanan atmosfer. Salah satu produk pressure gauge yang kami jual adalah Pressure Gauge NAGANO GV Series

  • The wetted part and the case are made of stainless steel so that they are excellent in anti-corrosion and enviromental resistance.
  • By equipping a blowout disk, the effect of temperature change on accuracy is reduced, and breakage of glass is prevented in case the Bourdon tube bursts.
  • To indicate the working pressure, safety mark (green mark ) can be provided with an arrow mark only for 60mm and 75mm gauge as an option.
  • In case of selecting pressure gauge, choose the pressure range which can be used in between 30 ~ 65% of full scale, so that the gauge can give its full capacity.
  • Also should be confirmed whether the wetted parts material is suitable for the fluid or not.


Additional information


Liquid Filling


Dial Size

100mm (4"), 150mm, 60mm, 75mm (3")

Connection Locator

Bottom, Lower Back, With Flange

Process Connection Size


Wetted Material

Stainless Steel 316

Pressure Range


Accuracy Class


Operating Temperature


Pressure Gauge NAGANO GV Series


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